About Us

Welcome to Puritty At Heart Kreations!

Founded in 2012, we are a small woman-owned business based in the US. Our passion for fashion and exclusivity led us to build a brand that allows customers to design unique pieces and have a personalized wardrobe.

Prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction, we strive to bring a variety of customization options to our customers. Our products are made from the finest of materials and stunning designs to create something extraordinary for each of our beloved customers.

Chic, stylish, and inspiring—the latest trends influence our collection, and each product represents what we love and hope to create.

From custom swimwear to bags, to a variety of apparel and accessories, we bring you an entire collection to help inspire you to create your own designs and share them with your loved ones.

We strive to be a one-stop shop for all your customization needs, and we thank you for your support!

About The CEO

One of 11 children, our CEO was brought up by loving and caring parents who were committed educators and self-determined individuals. Growing up on a farm, our founder quickly picked up these traits, and with her love for art and creating, she was destined to become a designer.

After two decades as an excellent and accomplished teacher, she finally found her calling. With a passion for designing and creating, Puritty At Heart Kreations was born to deliver customers and fashion lovers custom pieces that are oozing with vibrancy and personality.

Puritty At Heart Kreations is just the beginning of a long journey, and we hope you’ll be a viable part of it!

Our Mission

As a brand, our mission is to produce and deliver pieces that represent our efforts. We strive to bring you timeless, sustainable, and quality fashion products that cater to all your style needs. Whether you’re an athlete or a traveler, everyone needs something to remind them to stay positive, vibrant and keep them in touch with their personality; our customizable fashion pieces are a way to deliver exactly that.

Our Vision

We hope to become a one-stop shop for all your exclusive design needs. We envision a brand that delivers you the best quality products at the best prices.

Our Values

With a passion for diversity, sustainability, and quality, we at Puritty At Heart Kreations bring you products crafted with some of the finest materials. Our commitment and drive are the embodiment of trust and boldness we hope to bring to our customers.

Our Customer Service and Products

At Puritty At Heart Kreations, we prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. Our handmade bags and swimwear are a testament to our efforts and cause. We specialize in quality fashion goods that exude elegance, comfort, and functionality.

Artistic, bold, and intriguing; our products are the committed companion you need to make all your journies relaxing and fun!