Travel In Style: 3 Custom Travel Bags Design Tips from the Pros

Are you excited to travel again post-pandemic? Do you want to make your summer trip a memorable one?

Traveling is a hassle for many people, especially when it comes to waiting in long security lines and hours on end at the airport. However, for travel enthusiasts, it’s the opposite. As travel bans lift, we can expect these people to plan their trips, and the best way to make your luggage stand out is to opt for customized travel and handbags. This way, you won’t have to give up on style while prioritizing functionality.

Here are some more reasons you should consider investing in a custom made travel bag:

  • A distinctive luggage speeds up your tracking and tracing process at the airport.
  • Whether you’re traveling by air or going on a road trip, it adds a unique, stylish touch to your travel outfit.
  • The options aren’t just limited to hand and travel bags. You can buy custom printed tote bags, bagpacks, or hand carries to make a statement wherever you go!

Our design experts at PurittyAt Heart Kreations have shared three excellent tips for travelers who want to add a personal touch to their travel luggage.

1. Opt for High Quality Images

Whether you want to get your own photo printed on your travel bag or experiment with retro pattern designs, always choose high quality images.

Low-resolution graphics don’t work well when printed on large travel bags or hand carries.

You can also go for custom travel tags or matching custom printed bag pack to complete the look.

If you’re a frequent traveler, customizing your luggage with high-quality custom photo prints can help you locate your belongings on the conveyor belt. A custom photo printed travel bag by PurittyAt Heart Kreations

2. Try Making a Distinctive Appearance

it’s generally a good idea to avoid getting common colors printed on the travel bags.

Take a moment and think about what kind of custom designs and photographs are common these days. Try to steer clear from them and explore your options.

Instead of going for a common Liverpool logo or a mainstream quote, go for something more elaborate such as leopard print, chevron patterns, or a fun rainbow image.

3. Let Your Little Ones Showcase their Style Too!

If you’re traveling with your little ones, invest in custom bag packs for them too! Let them showcase their uniqueness by adding a fun element to their luggage. Whether you have an Elsa fan or a Batman freak in the house, get their bag packs custom printed.

This won’t just allow your little ones to be more careful and vigilant about their belonging, but also reduce the risk of losing their stuff while traveling.

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