The Most Common Techniques Used For Custom Apparel Printing

Whether it’s for community fundraisers or clothing companies, finding someone for high-quality custom apparel printing is important to many people. From sublimation to high color-count screen printing, there’s a variety of techniques custom apparel manufacturers use to put your design on the apparel you want.

Having an understanding of these techniques can help you select the right custom apparel company to work with. So, without any further ado, let’s jump into some of the most common techniques used for custom apparel printing.


This technique involves using high levels of pressure and heat to dye fabric permanently. The inks used in sublimation printing are formulated specifically for the process, and a carrier sheet is used to apply them to the fabric. This process is best suited for light-colored fabrics, and is commonly used for printing patterns and images. Sublimation is the common method of choice when it comes to printing custom decorated apparel.

Pad Printing

Pad printing is exactly what the name implies—it uses a large silicone pad to stamp patterns into the fabric. Since it creates better details, it’s preferred for creating more intricate custom apparel designs. This technique is often used for printing tags on clothing and apparel.

High Color-Count Screen Printing

With regular screen printers, the number of color choices available is quite restricted, which limits the number of designs that can be created with these machines. However, it’s a different story with high color-count printers. The color options you have with these are virtually unlimited, and you can create beautiful patterns and bring intricate designs to life.


Commonly used for putting logos on company apparel, embroidery is quite a popular and one of the most durable ways to brand apparel and clothing, such as jackets, polo shirts, and hats. While intricate designs which include elements like small-font text and shading may not work well with this technique, it’s ideal for placing accents and logos to your custom apparel.

This technique involves using a specialized machine that stitches the design pattern into the fabric with a thread and needle. Advanced embroidery machines are computer controlled and much more precise in terms of the finishing.


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