Designing The Perfect T-Shirt For Your Event: A Guide

Are you planning for an event that calls for custom-designed apparel? Well, as far as your options go, affordable, high-quality custom-designed shirts is definitely one of the best and most affordable options you have.

Custom t-shirts make a wonderful addition to any event—whether it’s for a charity, a business event, or just a community get-together. They’re a great way to raise hype or awareness, since everyone sporting your event shirt essentially becomes a moving billboard.

 However, their effectiveness depends on how well they’re designed. From preparing the design, to the intent of the artwork, there are various things you need to take into consideration if you want to create an event t-shirt that leaves a lasting impression. Here are some of them.

The Intent Of The Shirt

Before you start thinking about the shirt’s design, you first need to consider its purpose. If you want to create a custom event t-shirt that will make an impact and will be worn by people for years after the event, keep the 5 ‘W’s of shirt design in mind:

  • Who’ll be present at the event and who’ll be wearing a t-shirt?
  • What message do you want to communicate to your audience through the design?
  • When will the shirts be distributed?
  • What’s the location of the event, and if it has a meaning that can be integrated into the design?
  • Why would anyone want to wear the t-shirt again?

The Design Of the Shirt

When it comes to designing your custom event t-shirt, the element that you should start with is the t-shirt’s color. If it’s a business event, such as a product launch or an exhibition, you’d want to choose the colors of your brand and logo. Moreover, it’s also important to ensure that the design you opt for doesn’t get lost in the t-shirt’s color. Instead, the color of the t-shirt should add to and complement the design.

Also, keep in mind that that the t-shirts you’re designing will actually be worn by participants. So, the design you opt for doesn’t only have to look good on the mockups, but also has to look right on the actual shirt. Make sure important elements are placed where they’re clearly visible, and don’t look inappropriate. Another important consideration is sizing. If you’re going for text, make sure it’s large enough that if the graphic is shrunk for a small-sized shirt, it’ll still be readable.  

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